About our foundation

We are a Papua New Guinea and internationally-based NGO that bridges hope to every day Papua New Guineans by developing great leaders, strategic partnerships and models that have lasting impact on their lives.


Our process.

“Everything Rises and Falls With Leadership,” as John Maxwell says.
As an organization, we focus on the important aspects of sparking change, including great leadership,
identifying and understanding problem areas, and the best ways to solve them.

What we do

We identify solvable problems at the source, then assemble a “Tribe” of partners.

All have a mutual interest in change and work to execute solutions with ongoing support, following up, reporting, & giving public credit to the “Tribe.”

Why we do it

Our organization is uniquely positioned to impact, change, and save lives.

We set out to be world changers and we are passionate about changing as many individual’s worlds as we possibly can every single day.

How we do it

Our team of experts work together with a group of important wordly entities.

These include corporate, government, NGO, church, & individual partners – in a way that brings honour to all involved and…we do it the PNG way.

Our vision

Seeing Papua New Guinea’s full potential – fully realized.

Our mission

To be a catalyst for positive change in Papua New Guinea.

Our core values

Just a few of the things that our team strongly believes in & practices


  • Loyalty to the people
  • Respect for culture
  • Courageous consistency
  • Doing the right thing
  • Fun and laughter


Meet our team

We are a group of highly passionate professionals and volunteers from Papua New Guinea and from around the world.

GT Bustin

Founder and President

Dia Taru

Office Manager

James Kure


Michelle Lucero

Strategist, General Counsel and Board Member

Ambassador Evan Paki

Board Member

Dr. Mark Hauswald

Medical Director

Dr. Nancy Kerr

Medical Director

Phillie Julai

Senisim PNG

Samina Yip

Director of Operations – Australia

Marty Benny


Fred Nimai


Esther Dii

US Relations

Alice Tamur


Tieba Mufi-Zurenuoc

Senisim Pasin

Yanamlyn Yana

Senisim Pasin Coordinator

Ruth Kissam

Special Projects