Our programs.

We have a variety of programs that strategically address health and education needs in Papua New Guinea. Our policy is to focus resources on the source of challenges rather than treating symptoms. Our number one priority is developing leaders in all sectors of society in order to bring about true nation transformation.


Senisim PNG

Senisim PNG is a strategic partnership between the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation (“Tribal Foundation”) and the Maxwell Leadership Foundation. Senisim PNG will work over a 5-year period and focus on Injecting good values and servant leadership into society, creating a national movement of like-minded people who truly care about the future of Papua New Guinea, and focusing on improving three common agenda items over the five years. The first common agenda item is to end sorcery accusation-related violence (“SARV”) in Papua New Guinea.


Senisim Pasin

Senisim Pasin is a culturally changing national campaign centered around our film by the same name. It takes a positive and innovative approach to the dark subject of gender-based violence and often leaves participants aspiring to be part of the movement. Senisim Pasin is built on the belief that Papua New Guinea can improve how women are valued by society, and, in fact, the change is already happening.


European Union Grants

The PNG Tribal Foundation is honored to be the lead applicant for the European Union’s “Combating Violence in Papua New Guinea” grant. Along with implementing partners, Child Fund, and World Vision, we are addressing access to health and justice in our respective areas.


Amelia Earhart Scholarship and Memorial
Amelia Earhart was an American aviation pioneer who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia and her navigator were last seen in Lae, Papua New Guinea, on July 2, 1937. Through the partnership with the Papua New Guinea University of Technology and the United States Embassy – Port Moresby, a memorial dedicated to Amelia Earhart will be built on the campus of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology.


Strategic Health Initatives

The Tribal Foundation is dedicated to the health and wellness of the people of Papua New Guinea. Towards that, we partner with Provincial leaders as well as corporations and fellow NGOs to deliver medical supplies as well as introduce innovative medical processes and equipment to Papua New Guinean health care workers and administrators.


Strategic Local Programs

We support several local organizations in Papua New Guinea that provide services in the health and education sectors. Our focus with these partners is to enhance efforts by increasing their capacity and assisting with their development. We also work closely with commercial operations that provide assistance alongside their business ventures.


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