European Union

The PNG Tribal Foundation is honored to be lead applicant on the European Union’s “Combating Violence in Papua New Guinea” grant. Along with implementing partners, Child Fund and World Vision, we are addressing access to health and justice in our respective areas.

The Tribal Foundation is focusing on Wabag District in partnership with Minister Lino Tom and the Wabag District Development Authority.  We are also working in partnership with Nana Kundi Crisis Centre in East Sepik Province.


European Union Grant.

Our focus under this grant is building capacity and empowering grassroots service providers, as well as training local level government, ward recorders and development committees, and village court and district court officials. We are also working on opportunities for youth and local organizations including women’s groups to support their essential work. Tribal Foundation is a strong believer that those closest to problems have the best solutions.  Therefore, our helping build capacity and provide assistance enables these groups to increase their good work.

European Union Grant

Health and Justice.

We are also working with the police and the District and Provincial Governments to strengthen the pathways to health and justice. Specific deliverables in Enga have included finalizing the building of two clinics.  One clinic is in Yokomanda, an area that has previously been ravaged by tribal wars.   The other clinic is in Tumbilyam, which is an area where four large villages have had no access to health.

What is most exciting about this grant initiative, is working with the European Union to empower and recognize local individuals and groups who have worked tirelessly with little support and recognition.

As a Papua New Guinean NGO, Tribal Foundation’s primary goal is to lift our people in a way that allows them to increase capacity and effect more lives.  As we often say, “nation building is people building.”  Our work with the European Union allows the PNG Tribal Foundation to build many people and our target areas.  We thank them for their support.