Strategic Health Initiatives 

The Tribal Foundation is dedicated to the health and wellness of the people of Papua New Guinea. Towards that we partner with Provincial leaders as well as corporations and fellow NGO’s to deliver medical supplies as well as introduce innovative medical processes and equipment to Papua New Guinean health care workers and administrators.


Pediatric Health.

We are privileged to work in close partnership with Children’s Hospital Colorado, one of the top Children’s Hospitals in the world, to improve pediatric care in Papua New Guinea. Our projects with Children’s Hospital Colorado are strategic and intended to support PNG’s child health providers and increasing their capacity while creating examples for the nation. The projects range from improving pediatric wards in PNG to training health administrators.  Children’s Hospital Colorado also provides significant organizational and strategic support to the Tribal Foundation.

“There are no borders when it comes to children and child health and as CEO of Children’s Hospital Colorado I can say it is an honor to partner with the Tribal Foundation.” 

Jena Hausmann


Medical Containers

We partner with corporate partners like ExxonMobil, and Children’s Hospital Colorado, as well provincial governments around Papua New Guinea to provide medical containers to hospitals and health facilities.

This is done in partnership with Project C.U.R.E., the largest charity of its kind in the world. The containers are filled based on assessments by our Medical Directors and after packing lists are approved by local health authorities. We work with our logistic partners to deliver the medical containers and report through our media partners. The health facilities that receive these containers often experience significant shortages in basic medical supplies, and the program highlights the need for additional investment in PNG’s health sector.





The Butterfly™iQ+ is a handheld full body ultrasound that is connected to a cell phone or iPad and is intended to bring medical imaging to remote communities across the world. Tribal Foundation has partnered with Butterfly ™ and is the sole provider of this handheld device in Papua New Guinea. Tribal Foundation’s medical directors provide training on the device.