What if you could safely experience an adventure of a lifetime in Papua New Guinea while helping people… and deduct most of it from your taxes? (US and Australia only)

Papua New Guinea is an exotic country that has plant and animal life found nowhere else on earth. It is considered to be one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet with over 850 distinct tribal languages and fascinating traditional practices.

The diving, fishing, and surfing is world class and so is the mountain hiking, spelunking, and kayaking. There are cultural shows, World War II relics, and birding adventures that can only be experienced in PNG…yet who do you know that has been to this magical place?

Today’s travelers don’t want to simply experience for themselves. They want to also make a difference. They want to share and to connect. They want to create lasting relationships and add value. Because of the Tribal Foundation’s national presence in Papua New Guinea we are uniquely positioned to offer specially designed philanthro-tourism opportunities for select travelers.

We currently offer our Highlands & Islands Tribal Venture as well as trips that include:


Sport Fishing

Scuba diving


Motorcycle Adventures


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Concerned About Safety?

“I have visited Papua New Guinea several times since 2012, traveling to many different provinces in the highlands and along the coast. To say that it has become a special place to me is an understatement, as I have fallen in love with the beauty of the land and the warmth of the people. The Tribal Foundation made sure that I was safe at all times, and I felt very secure with their team. I would highly recommend visiting this amazing country to anyone who is considering going!”

Liz Ripplinger

“In 2014 I traveled to Papua New Guinea with the Tribal Foundation. It was one of the most exciting, captivating adventures I have ever been on. The people, culture and sights are mesmerizing and unforgettable. I always felt safe and met some fascinating individuals who introduced me to an incredible new world. Papua New Guinea is a destination not to be missed, a true experience of a lifetime. The fresh coconut water is a must as well!”

Corinne Hancock

I went to Papua New Guinea with the Tribal Foundation in 2016.  It was a fabulous trip! I was fortunate enough to attend the Annual Womens Conference in Port Moresby.  That opportunity immersed me very quickly in the culture.  I loved hearing about everything from the businesses women operate to  the healthcare concerns. I had very nice accommodations and always felt safe. It was a very diverse trip. I experienced both City and tribal life.  I highly recommend the roadside bananas and fresh coconuts!  We even enjoyed a traditional PNG meal.  The food was great on the whole trip!  The best part was the connections and new friends I made.  I still exchange emails with a sweet PNG woman.

I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go on this journey.  You won’t find a better host than the Tribal Foundation.  They took care of everything!  I highly recommend you experience PNG if given the opportunity!  Its a beautiful country with precious people.

Dana Crawford

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