Senisim Pasin

Senisim Pasin is a culturally changing national campaign centered around our film by the same name. It takes a positive and innovative approach to the dark subject of gender-based violence and often leaves participants aspiring to be part of the movement. Senisim Pasin is built on the belief that Papua New Guinea can improve how women are valued by society, and, in fact, the change is already happening.

Senisim Pasin Trailer.

The Tribal Foundation has provided 100’s of film showings and attendant training sessions in various parts of the country. Currently, the Tribal Foundation is offering the viewing of Senisim Pasin to the public. Click the video to see the full viewing. If you would like to schedule a training session for your village, community, school, church, and/or workplace, please reach out to the Tribal Foundation at +675 340 2593 or email us.


War on SARV.

Over the past ten years, the incidences of “sorcery accusation related violence” (SARV) in Papua New Guinea, have been increasing at alarming rates. In some provinces, these acts of violence have occurred as frequently as seven (7) times per week. The victims are almost always vulnerable women. They are tortured and if they survive, they and their children are shunned from their communities The Tribal Foundation is at the forefront of combatting this horrid form of gender-based violence

Sister Campaign

The “Sister” campaign is a targeted strategic initiative of the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation (“Tribal”) that is focused on the sole goal of eliminating sorcery accusation related violence (“SARV”) in Papua New Guinea.

Sister Campaign

5 year Plan

It will take immense resources to fulfill the goal of eradicating SARV. Tribal intends to raise $5 million dollars over the next 5 years.

Fundraising for 4 areas:

1 Justice

2 Media & Communication

3 Protection

4 Advocacy

View the proposal overview in the link below. The initiatives within each strategic area as well as the percentage of spend are included. While this is the intended apportionment of the dollars raised, Tribal fully intends to reforecast and apportion the budget based on the needs of the campaign.


Village of Hope.

The Village of Hope is the first of its kind in Papua New Guinea and is a community that will allow women who are victims of SARV and their children to have a safe home, medical attention, education and the ability to heal. Tribal Foundation’s Senisim Pasin, anti-gender-based violence and anti-SARV campaign is also a focal point of the Village of Hope as the communities surrounding the Village of Hopes are provided Senisim Pasin campaign related training and a showing of the film in order to promote peace building and encourage conflict prevention.

The Village of Hope is a project that is focused on impactful results as well as the advancement of peace building, conflict prevention, maternal & child health, and supporting education.

This project is supported by individual donors as well as Rotary, Digicel Foundation, and Exxon.