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Imagine if you will, living in an area that spans the radius of the Montrose, Delta and Olathe area with no road or airport access. Also wrap your mind around the fact that there is one small clinic about 700 square feet in size, with sparse medical supplies that serves your area alone. The only way to get there is a one to two day walk over rugged mountainous terrain with dense bush following a narrow footpath. Now imagine being a woman with your new born baby walking that trek with nothing to keep your baby warm.

The Kunai Health Centre is a government approved medical clinic situated in the bush mountains of the Gulf Province in Papua New Guinea. The clinic serves over 20,000 patients, and a good portion of that number are women and children. Even though the needs are great, any small donation by way of medical supplies or baby blankets goes a long way.

The “Huggy Bunch” Ministry out of Montrose, CO has been partnering with PNG Tribal Foundation for the last three years to supply baby blankets and knitted baby hats to the Kunai Health Centre and other remote aid posts and clinics in Papua New Guinea.

This group has been in existence for 15 years and has 22 quilters that give of their time and resources to serve the local community. The group gathers at Crossroads Victory Church every Wednesday and one Saturday a month. The spokesperson for the group Ms. Roena Frank along with her fellow quilters, Ms. Norma Brim, Ms. Elma Ross and Ms. Sue Whalen have been instrumental in forming this group. Ms. Whalen also takes time to teach the young people in a few trailer homes to carry on this age-old skill. The beauty of this is that these young people are not only being taught a skill but their blankets are going toward a very worthwhile cause, making a huge impact in the lives of new born babies and their mothers in Papua New Guinea.



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